RESIDE Services

RESIDE Worldwide, Inc. is a leading alternative accommodation firm focused on providing vetted and flexible accommodations options to global travelers no matter the destination or the
duration of their stay. RESIDE Worldwide owns a variety of hospitality companies, including RESIDE Management and RESIDE Realty Group. 



The RESIDE Worldwide brand portfolio offers end-to-end global alternative accommodation solutions to meet corporate housing, relocation and travel management needs.

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RESIDE Worldwide offers turnkey management and operational solutions to property owners. We manage properties like an investment portfolio to increase value and returns.

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The RESIDE Realty Group is singularly focused on seeking out and acquiring unique and compelling investment properties which are intended to generate outsized returns for its investors.


A note from our Founding Partners

Look around you, the market is changing fast.  Sharing is increasingly popular - shared economies, viral social media challenges, ride sharing.  We are witnessing the rise of an uninhibited generation, a generation eager to travel, explore, -  live on the edge. 

The rise of the global nomad and an untethered workforce are driving the need for "alternative" or "flexible" housing solutions.  Our once traditional, corporate housing industry must adapt.

RESIDE presents a new way to stay.  Blurring the lines between hotel and apartment; disrupting the corporate, the mundane.  Our mission is to be an innovator in the space, able to satisfy growing consumer demand for alternative housing by offering a broader range of choice and flexibility for global accommodations, while still offering high-quality, flexible, vetted options coupled with outstanding customer service.

We invite you to join the RESIDE family, to get comfortable.

Disrupt with us,

Jon Wohlfert & Lee Curtis
co-Chief Executive Officers