RESIDE Realty Group

RESIDE Realty Group is singularly focused on seeking out and acquiring unique and compelling investment properties which are intended to generate outsized returns for its investors.
Targeting high-quality properties located in major markets, RESIDE operates each asset under an “Alternative Accommodation” model which involves furnishing the apartments, adding high-touch, hotel-like services and then renting on a short-term basis to corporate, leisure and other travelers and guests.


Market Dynamics

  • The $50 billion Alternative Accommodations market represents a compelling investment product niche within the U.S. residential housing market .

  • RESIDE is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between apartments and hotels through its fully integrated business platform leveraging decades of successful operational expertise with a focused real estate investment strategy for the benefit of owners, developers and investors .

  • The RESIDE operating platform and acquisition strategies work hand in hand to support the goal of generating highly attractive risk adjusted returns.



Investment Objectives - Capital safety, predictable cash flow and value creation

  • High quality residential properties located in major markets, purchased with modest leverage, have proven to deliver one of the lowest risk profiles among other major real estate asset types.

  • RESIDE intends to increase cash flow by operating properties as “Alternative Accommodation” housing which has the potential to double net operating income (based on historical returns).

  • RESIDE intends to increase the value of properties it acquires through several means including adaptive reuse, rebranding, repositioning or renovation.



Why invest in an alternative accommodation property?

  • Favorable Risk/Return Proposition: The operational overlay of RESIDE Management Services can increase net operating income, thereby delivering outsized returns while maintaining the underlying asset risk profile of a high-quality multifamily property located in a major market.

  • Capitalize on Resident/Guest Preferences: Generally, long-term lodging guests prefer a fully-furnished apartment suite with a kitchen, living space, guest services, over a standard hotel room.

  • Market Stability: On average, Occupancy and rates in the alternative accommodations sector have proven to be resilient even through periods of economic downturn - such as that experienced in 2008 (see Data published by the Corporate Housing Provider’s Association, 2018) .



Acquisition Criteria & Capabilities

Properties are sought in supply-constrained, urban infill markets where companies that are the growth engines of the U.S. economy thrive and attract a talented, and highly paid workforce accelerating demand for apartment living.

RRG looks for properties with the following attributes:

  • Existing, or to-be-constructed, Class-A residential properties with between 50-200 units

  • Urban infill locations in major US markets typically with high barriers to entry

  • Healthy, high-pay employment growth and highly-educated population growth

  • Markets with favorable supply/demand dynamics

  • Properties with an attractive amenity package suited to the Alternative Accommodation resident and guest