Jon Wohlfert

Jon Wohlfert co-founded RESIDE Worldwide, Inc. in November 2017 with partners, Lee Curtis and Mike Meekins. Jon and his partners believe that the traditional corporate housing industry is in a state of evolution and is being driven by the acceleration of interest in alternative housing globally. This interest has created an atmosphere that is ideal for investment into real estate and operating company acquisitions, with RESIDE representing both the branding and capital investment partnership.  RESIDE presents a new way to stay - blurring the lines between hotel and apartment; disrupting the corporate, the mundane.  RESIDE’s core mission is to be an innovator in the space, able to satisfy growing consumer demand for alternative housing by offering a broader range of choice and flexibility for global accommodations, while still offering high-quality, flexible, vetted options coupled with outstanding customer service.

Jon is a 30-year veteran of the long-term lodging industry with experience in both large corporate environments as well as with small entrepreneurial groups. He is a true pioneer in technological innovation within the flexible accommodations industry, having worked with renowned brands such as Residence Inn, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality and Extended Stay America.

During his tenure at BridgeStreet, Jon held roles of SVP Sales and Marketing, Managing Director of the Americas, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Revenue Officer.  Jon joined Extended Stay America as the organization was emerging from bankruptcy. He restructured the sales organization to deliver over $500 million and a 42% system contribution.

Prior to starting with RESIDE, Jon served as President of WaterWalk International, a newly launched brand in the extended stay/corporate housing segment.

Jon graduated from RIT with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and then earned his MBA from Michigan State University.

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